Small Tidbits

Busy week, what with Jim’s Birthday taking up all of my spare time to plan 😉 Just kidding. But really, it’s been busy, so I’ve emailed myself little noteworthy items of interest I wanted to mention.

This chick was banned from walking during her high school graduation ceremony because she was pregnant! How absurd! She defied the school, arrived at the procession, and walked anyhow. Later she and her family were removed from the property. Good for her! Like child-bearing is a hush-hush thing these days – oi.

San Francisco has an online anonymous notification service. For those who find themselves inflicted with an STD, the site offers an anynonmous way to alert those you may have inflicted. I think it’s a great idea. I hope the website gets used.

Super cool blogger,, has created a cheap gas finder that utilizes Google Maps. Good lord, I love Google.

5 thoughts on “Small Tidbits

  1. My word, Jamie – that’s a pretty straight-forward question! Across the pond, we usually try to ask that question without actually asking it 😉

    But, if you must know, no. I absolutely never go out looking for a one night stand. Such a thing would be seen as a purely selfish, self-gratifying, and dangerous behavoir to partake in. One, like myself, with such an esteemed high stature would never be found in bed with a one-night stand. I just couldn’t possibly. The sheer thought of it is just so preposterous, it’s giving me the tingles!

  2. oh good, neither do i (but thats just because I’m in a relationship. I have never had a one night stand, but I wouldn’t think less of anyone that did.

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