I’m employed again!!!

Well, almost. There will be some paperwork to complete next week, but I did get the news today! It’s a 3 month contract with a great agency in town. The job is pretty much the same thing I was doing before, but with an increased level of responsibility. Once the 3 months expire, if things are going well, and the business still requires the position, I’ll be brought on full time.

I really feel like this is a God thing. Throughout this entire time of unemployment, I just kept faith that things would turn out for the best. I wasn’t even actively seeking out employment right now, but I was praying. I had the three initial interviews the week after the lay off, I followed up on them, but that was it. I registered for unemployment and started looking into other opportunities – real estate and the possibility of starting my own business. I think I’m still going to explore those options, but at least now I have some cushion room.

Otherwise, keeping busy with a couple of other projects. Hopefully I can still retire by 30 😉