At least this time I’m sober

Well, it happened. I was the last person they called in. I’m guessing there were abour 40 of us all-together. My manilla envelope contained a breakdown of what I was being payed off for (vacation, severence, pay-to-date, etc.), information on COBRA benefits, and a copy of the confidentiality agreement I signed when I first began two and a half years ago. I packed a box of my personal items and walked out. People said goodbye. Hugs. I’m sorrys. Lets do lunch’s. Etc.

The last time I was laid off, it was Valentine’s Day. I went to Zelo with my fellow newly unemployed coworkers. By this time, I was downing about my ninth Long Island.

This time I called friends. Jim picked me up. The HR manager called shortly after I left to notify me that they’d neglected to mention I had a loan against my 401k (to buy my condo) that had to be paid back in full within 30 days. I quickly deposited my last check (in case they tried to adjust it for the 401k loan). Went to a meeting, then dinner at The Monte Carlo, and desert at The Wilde Roast.

I feel much better about the whole situation. It’s not as devastating to me as it was the last time I was laid off. I have faith this time. I have real friends this time. I’m grateful for these things.

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