I saw the midnight showing of The Dark Night on Friday morning at Block E in Minneapolis. They were showing it on at least three screens – and this theatre isn’t usually all that crowded. Young guys jumped at the opportunity to wear makeup, coming out in full Joker-drag. I saw at least twenty of them make an appearance.

Heath Ledger in The Dark Night

Christian Bale is still the hottest Batman yet, so I was glad he reprised his role.

Had I not been told that Heath Ledger played the Joker, I never would have guessed. It doesn’t look like him at all, and his acting is so phenomenal, one would never recognize him based on gestures or voice alone.

Ironically, Batman, the 1989 film, aired on ABC Family last night. I caught a bit of it. I have always liked that film, but not having seen it in many years, seeing it again made me feel like I was watching Adam West in syndication on FOX during the mid-1980s. POW. WHAM. SMACK.

Back to Heath. I think his performance was worthy of an Oscar. Ironic that he died before the release, too. He does this thing with his tongue while he’s speaking that I couldn’t replicate in 100 years. Reminded me of Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.

On my way to the cafe tonight, a new Audi A5 was in my rearview mirror and I couldn’t help but think that the grille appeared to be smiling at me. Those fancy new white LED lights looked an awful lot like the Joker’s grin.

Audi A5 Grille

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  1. I just got home from seeing the film myself, and I would concur. In fact, I must. “The Dark Knight” was a fantastic movie on it’s own, but Ledger’s performance was absolutely phenomenal.

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