Chicago Visits Vallarta

Vallarta Day 11

I wake up around 10:00 and Jamie’s already got coffee made. The condo is beautiful. Part of a smaller complex of several buildings, he’s up off the ground about a half floor, looking out over the city from about 1/3 up the mountain. The street out front leads directly onto the pier on Los Muertos Beach, and one block down on Olas Altus there are plenty of cafes, shops and restaurants – it’s a great location. The unit was remodeled this past year with all the finest finishes and furniture. 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, I’d guess its about 1,000 sq ft in size. I could live here.

Jamie rambles off a number of places we could go to for breakfast. He settles on Daiquiri Dicks. The name makes it sound like some third-rate chain restaurant from the States, but I’m too hungry to come up with an alternative.

We walk the couple of blocks and are seated. We’re the only ones in the beachfront open-air restaurant. I’m actually surprised with the place. Instead of the laminated menu experience I was expecting, the server pulled out my chair and laid the cotton napkin on my lap, regaling us with the specials.

I ordered a breakfast burrito and it’s arguably the best I’ve ever had. Eggs with chorizo sausage, jalapeno bits and cilantro – hmmm, hmmm, good! Jamie ordered Chilaquiles that he was excited for, but was disappointed with the Daiquiri Dicks variety.

We split up from there and I head to Dee’s for my daily writing and better coffee. The traffic along Gomez leading to Amapas is backed-up, as it has a tendency to do, and brings out the Chicago in Vallarta as people begin to honk their horns incessantly until the single-lane, one-way traffic begins moving again. It’s unpleasant for those of us sitting outside at the local businesses, and it’s always a bit surprising to me as Vallarta is usually so laid back and slow-moving. But I’ll be damned – if one bread truck stops for a moment to unload a delivery, or a Taxi drops off some passengers at the San Marino Hotel, those horns start honking quickly! The problem is there’s no room to pull over and let traffic by. If you have to stop, you’re stopping everyone behind you. And sometimes that laid-back, slow-moving attitude can show up as inconsideration – for those who have to wait for you.

I head back to my place to prep for the gym. On the way I stop in at the grocer and pick up some bananas. I change clothes and gather my dirty laundry to drop off with the launders. I head out the door and make an initial stop in at the salon I visited when I first arrived in Vallarta. They were closed – it was Monday, after all. I head down to the launder’s place and they’re closed, too! I pout a bit to myself – ugh, now I need to carry this laundry back home.

There’s another salon next door to the launders, so I stop in there. They get me all trimmed up and they’re half the price as the other salon! I ask about the launders next door, wondering if maybe they’re just out to lunch, and they tell me they’re closed for the day, but there’s another place a block over. I head over to the other laundry place, a block closer to my rental, and find that they’re just as nice, and also half the price. This day is turning out well!

Arriving at the gym I find it a bit busy again today. I like that, as hopefully it means Aaron’s making some money and can sustain the business to keep it open. A couple of the construction guys are there finishing up the cabinetry work, and there are a handful of folks working out. David and Aaron greet me on my way back to the locker room. On my way back to the gym floor, Aaron stops me and asks me out to dinner before I leave town. He promises to show me another side of Vallarta. We agree tomorrow works well.

I tell him about the other Mexican architect I met on the beach – the hulking man with the tiny pink speedo inviting me to move to his house in Guadalajara. He vows to show me that not all architects are like that.

The workout is nice and David makes me a shake when I head out. For the life of me, I cannot get him to buy peanut butter for my shakes. I ask every day I’m there, and each time he tells me they’re out. It’s more of a joke now than a request – he’s clearly not going to be getting any peanut butter any time soon.

At home I shower and change and head out to the Alano Club. I pass the Coffee Cup and the cutie is working again, so I stop in. I tell him I forget his name and he reminds me it’s Angel. Embarrassingly, he remembers my name. As he makes me another protein shake I notice Facebook up on his laptop. I add myself as his friend and tell him that we’re “real amigos” now. He laughs and we joke around for a few minutes before I head to the meeting.

The meeting is okay, but I’m not feeling it today and leave at the half-point smoke break. I go home and settle in on the couch and flip on the tube. There are only a few English channels to choose from and I settle on some movie about the Emperor of China. While I never did figure out the name of the film, it seemed to be historically accurate and really interesting.

I’m in bed reading my book by 10:00 PM.

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  1. I’m curious about the other side of Vallarta. 🙂 We arrive tomorrow at 2-3pm. I have to be up at 3am tomorrow to make my 6am flight (KC airport is about 45 mins north of town). Hope to see ya in the next day or two.

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