Spyware removal

Do yourself a favor and go install Adaware and Free AVG, before a virus or 500 spyware tools install themselves on your computer. Adaware has been a savoir more times than I can count. I’ve set it up on my parent’s computer and run it at least once every two weeks, as unbeknown to them, everytime they visit one of those ‘auction’ sites or ‘message boards’ they’re usually getting pop-up installing crapware on their machine. On top of being annoying, spyware slows down your computer, sometimes to an almost unusable pace, as they each fight each other for memory and processor resources.

Enough of my ranting. Go download them now. (Mac & Unix users need not bother)

Adaware – spyware removal

Free AVG – virus protection

3 thoughts on “Spyware removal

  1. Glad you mentioned AdAware, Sparkles – I reformatted my hard drive last year and had forgotten to reinstall it, until today. So I had plenty of junk to remove 🙂 I’ll have to take your advice and give AVG a shot too.

  2. Yes! AdAware is a great little spyware tool. I run it at least every couple weeks. I used to come up with a lot of data mining files…but switched to Mozilla and haven’t had nearly the spyware found with IE.

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