Hell Hath Frozen Over

My Dad started teaching me to code in BASIC when I was five. My Mom taught me about home row and how to type when I was in the second grade. I’m that guy you call when you can’t figure out how to connect to your wireless network.

I’ve been on a PC my entire life. I’ve always been an advocate for the PC platform. I grew up on MS-DOS and thought XP Pro was a pretty solid system.

I laughed at people on Macs, thinking they looked all hip with their cute little white laptops. I thought of a Mac as the dumbed-down version of a computer. They were for the weak. Those people didn’t know how to tweak a config.sys file or find the rogue service on their IIS server.

And then Microsoft released Vista.

Rewind back in time, about six months ago. My trusty Dell laptop was about to konk out for good and its warranty had just expired. Though I usually ordered Dells through their website, I was worried that this one wasn’t going to make it through the end of the week, so I went to Best Buy. I purchased a relatively high-specced Toshiba.

Arriving home, I plugged it in. My nightmare began.

Fast forward five months. I’ve decided to kick the Toshiba to the curb and go down the street to my local Apple retailer. I insert both feet (Pumas and all) into my mouth and slap down my visa on a MacBook Pro.

It’s now one month later. I’ve never been happier. And even though I learned about the home row a long time ago, the keyboard on this thing lights up and I think that’s really nifty. Oh, and it works – right out of the box.

I stole these images from the apple website.

MacBook Pro MacBook Pro MacBook Pro

4 thoughts on “Hell Hath Frozen Over

  1. My story goes much like yours, however I have not gone to go get the MacBook Pro… yet, the money is sitting in my account waiting to be spent on one despite my years of thinking that Mac’s were stupid and the people who used them were even worse. Oh well, what can I say. 🙂 Hope your having a wonderful week.


  2. My only regret from converting from PC to Mac 5 years ago was that I haven’t had the will power to not keep upgrading. I hate and love apple for this. But I will say, the quality of their products and services have been stellar.

    I had a powerbook that died on me last year just before my extended warranty was over. They replaced the hard drive and it was like brand new. Well, brand new to my sister as I picked up my new Macbook Pro with added 4GB of Ram. This thing is a gem. The fact that I have a quadcore intel MacPro at work and don’t get annoyed using my MacBook at home is amazing to me.

  3. He, Mikee – I have a feeling I will have problems “not upgrading” as well. I saw that a rumored new MBP is coming out shortly and I’m sorta pissed!

    I also upgraded to the 4GB of RAM in my MBP.

    I am excited to get the new iPhone when it comes out. I’ve held out on getting one so far, but the news reports are saying that AT&T will be subsidizing the cost of them, meaning they’ll only cost the consumer $200 – 300.

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