Google and its “Public Betas”

There’s been speculation that Google uses the term “Public Beta” a little loosly. If you think about it – it’s gmail service was unveiled in a beta fashion. No hype, just word of mouth and folks touting the service. About a year later it’s one of the most popular free email providers on the ‘net and it’s changed the way that industry opperates. In short, it’s been a huge success.

Then came it’s Web Accelerator that I . They’ve now taken it down, just a couple of days after releasing it to the public. I jumped at it and thought it was a great technology. After using it for a couple of days, however, found it too buggy and had to question what they might be doing with my data.

CNET speculates that perhaps they’ve released software that is doing something wrong and / or unethical. Google’s smart, and everything up until now has been a total success, but the web accelerator has people questioning.