Another biggie is on the fritz

What’s up with the ‘net these days? The other day the MS Office website was on the fritz, and now Blogger! Granted, Blogger tends to have a bit of a reputation for this stuff, but it’s owned by Google – presumably, one of the most reliable websites in the nether … so what’s up with this?


4 thoughts on “Another biggie is on the fritz

  1. Despite the fact it’s owned by Google it’s still one of the most unreliable sites in the world from what I’ve seen. They do a great job when it’s working but when it’s not, it’s a pain in the arse!

  2. That’s great isn’t it? I especially love it when I’m trying to post or publish something and it does that to me.

  3. LOL … ok so when posting the last comment I received an error from betablogs and didn’t know if the comment posted or not … I guess it just must be a trend today.

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