You’re the problem!

My sponsor told me something very valuable once – if you find that someone is getting on your nerves, it’s usually not their problem, as they’re happy doing whatever it is doing whatever’s bothering you. It’s usually something that’s wrong with yourself if someone else is getting on your nerves. Does that make sense?

He also gave me some good advice on dealing with people who may tend to ‘get on your nerves’ if that person happens to be a friend. You’ve go a couple of options:

a) you learn to deal with it

b) you let the person know your feelings and they may or may not modify their behavoir

c) you stop associating with the person

I love thinking about things this way. Makes things very simple. Obviously option C is for extreme cases. Option B is pretty easy if you’re open about things. And option A, although maybe not the most desireable or easiest option, seems to be coming easier and easier for me lately – I hope it keeps progressing.

Anyhow, time to call people and tell them to get their asses in here.