Where’s the line?

Okay, so I’ve been trying to live by a higher power’s timeline – his/it’s will, not my own. To those non-AAers, it’s basically equivalent to the thought behind the saying, “Live and let live.” (my own interpretation)

In AA we talk about willingness and action. The willingness to let God determine what’s best for us, to recognize it, etc. Then the action – to act on God’s will (not your own). The trouble for me comes in when God puts opportunities or options in front of you. We often talk about “doing the next right thing.” This concept is simple when it comes to things like, “should I spend time with my family, or should I blow them off and go to the bar.” The problem for me comes in when the options rise in complexity.

For instance, how do you tell the difference between an opportunity that God may have put in front of you to recognize and act on, and when you’re trying to spur something into action because of your own will? If I want to start my own business, is that something that I should hold off on? That takes self-initiation. God’s not going to put a sign in front of me that says “start your own business.” Or is he?