Sponsee Number Five

… hasn’t showed. I’ve sat at Vera’s for an hour. Okay, so I brought my laptop and haven’t otherwise just been sitting here staring out the window in hopes that he’ll show. (As if!) I actually met him a couple of months ago while at the Friday night Proud AA meting. He was in treatment at the time and looked vaguely familiar. I introduced myself and he told me he’d been in St. Paul for the last seven years after going through Hazelden. He’d recently relapsed and was now in treatment at The Pride Institute.

He’s originally from The Bronx, or Brooklyn, or one of the burroughs. I can’t recall exactly where, but he’s got that thick accent that you hear in films that have mobsters or New York pizza joints with an Italian guy behind the counter. He’s overly calm – doesn’t seem to get excited or depressed. Actually a little like myself most of the time – perhaps he’s medicated, too? 😉

About a month ago he applied to live at one of the houses. I picked him up for his interview and spent a little time in the car with him. I figured out during the ride that I liked him. He seemed to have the right attitude about things. He interviewed at a couple of other houses as well, and in the end, opted for another house. I was disappointed that he didn’t choose our house, but everything happens for a reason.

I ran into him last night at the Saturday Night GLBT and Friends NA meeting. He sat next to me, and for much of the meeting, was exchanging text messages on his mobile phone.

It bothers me when people in meetings are chatting with each other, playing on phones, heaven-forbid laughing, or even the once-witnessed, listening to an iPod. It bothers me because I’m there to stay sober and hopefully help someone else. Aren’t they? What are you chatting about? If you’re not here to get sober, then leave, and stop disrupting the rest of us. “See that person up there?” I want to tell them, “They’re up there spilling their guts out in the hopes that you might hear something you can identify with and use their experience to better your life. Start showing them some respect and at a minimum, shut the fuck up.”

But I don’t. On occasion I’ll try a “Shhh.” But usually I just say a little prayer that they’ll figure all this out on their own.

I think it particularly bothered me last night that this guy from out East was playing with his phone, because I had judged him. I had concluded that he was a good guy, and here he was, doing something I didn’tt like. In Sparklesville something like this would never happen!

Then he did something at the break that put him back in my good graces. He’d once again displayed a healthy attitude exemplified with wise choices – he asked me to be his sponsor.

In any event, he hasn’t shown up to our meeting and he hasn’t called. It’s happened before and it’ll happen again.

I myself, probably shouldn’t agree to sponsor anyone new, as I am currently sponsorless. Yes, God really does do what I can’t, or won’t, do for myself – like turn down new sponsees.

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