My first night in Houston

I’m in Houston with Jim and Dave, sitting down in the hotel’s business center for the free internet access. Can you believe they want to charge you $10 a night to be online in your room?

I’ve just met David in the business center. He’s sauntered over from the bar where he is telling me that though I am good looking, he finds it strange that there is such a thing as a “gay non alcoholic texan group.” He thinks that because I am already a minority (gay), that I shouldn’t further my exclusivity by claiming to be non-alcoholic. I hope that didn’t make any sense, because I can’t make any of it.

Anyway, he’s cute, here from Scotland, and continues to flirt with me. I wonder where this is going to go …

5 thoughts on “My first night in Houston

  1. You go! getting the boys all crazy from the first night in….. and you were not there that long cause ya’ll had to go to Gaevston too!
    Hmmm waste no time… you work fast! lol

  2. I had the same experience at La Mansion del Rio in San Antonio. We were paying for a great hotel that had a gagillion ammenities available to us but the internet we had to pay for. I dont get it. Thats why I like to stay at La Quinta now, free wifi.

  3. No, no, I agree with him, you shouldn’t further exclusify yourself. It’s like that black lesbian, I mean, if you’re black, don’t go and be a lesbian, that’s just making things difficult on yourself.


    No, that doesn’t make any sense. I don’t know you, got here through fuelguyFSD’s blog, you’re cute. 😉

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