I’ve just had a lovely breakfast in the restaurant here in the hotel. The buffet was wo-manned by a charming lady who made a killer omlet, pankakes and waffles. The front page of the Times is continuing to report on yesterday’s story of the Vatican’s new policy to weed out homosexuals from the priesthood. Afterall, we are the root of all of their evil.

Jim and David have gone for a walk and once again, left me to fend for myself in the business center, where David from last night is now hydrating himself in the same spot he was dehyrdating himself last night. He’s much cuter after a shower and some water. Darling short blonde hair with a slight curl. Skinny and well-dressed, he’s off to a friend’s in a suburb to celebrate his first Thanksgiving.

I’ll be with a bunch of alcoholic homos tonight, celebrating all that we are grateful for. I’m sure it’s going to be a blast, as us sickos generally know how to have the most fun 🙂

3 thoughts on “Morning in Houston

  1. It’s wonderful to finally meet you and Jim. I think it’s weird that you came all the way down here to meet a Scotsman, but it takes what it takes. And I hope you’re enjoying our autumn weather too.

  2. Dan,
    I would hardly say that we were making you fend for yourself, it was more that we were allowing you to isolate.

    And I challenge anyone to get between you and a computer!

    jim and dave

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