Monday night rain

Sorta in a strange mood tonight. It’s Monday night and I have to return to work tomorrow after a three day weekend 🙁

The weekend was pretty good overall, although my mom called me upset this evening, again. She never seems happy. This time she was upset with my dad about something that I thought was trivial, but she was up in arms about it. Funny how she calls her son to bitch about her husband, AKA, her son’s dad. Like I want to be involved in a fight they’re having? Again, she’s looking for validation, wants me to pick a side. She’s just not happy.

So I was bored. Went to Vera’s to try and finish up this gawdawful book I’m reading – A Million Little Pieces. It actually may have some value, but I’ve only got about 50 pages left and I haven’t found any yet. It’s another memoir about a guy who went through treatment at Hazelden about 10 years ago and found an alternative to AA to stay sober. More power to him if he can stay sober without AA, but I just wish the book were more exciting.

Dry : A Memoir, on the other hand, was much cooler. Perhaps it was just because I related to it more… but in any case, Augusten Burroughs is a better writer.

Vera’s got really crowded, and it was raining outside, so I decided to go to the Wilde Roast to get a bite to eat and sit next to the fire. Got there and it was freezing inside and the fire wasn’t on! (funny when referring to a fire, you say on or off… at least I do when it’s a gas fireplace) I ordered a cobb salad anyhow – it was fantastic! They have a pretty limited menu, but everything I’ve had there has been great!

A couple of buddies showed up and told me about a 7:00pm Wednesday Jitters meeting that I think I’m going to try out this week. They had just been to a meeting where somebody famous was attending. They seemed to be surprised that he wasn’t dressed in armani and clean shaven… seems normal to me, most celebrities aren’t usually dolled up 🙂 Other than that, though, they said it was a really good meeting about being grateful… yeah, you may not have a new car, and may rent (rather than own), but you’ve got a place to live, food on the table, friends, etc… keep reminding yourself that it could be much worse. For alcoholics / addicts, you could be looking at jails, asylums, or death.

I was coming up in the elevator tonight and noticed that my sunburn from yesterday is turning into a nice tan! Normally I get burnt and the skin is red-as-hell for a couple of days and then goes white, but I think I must have gotten just the right amount of sun this time! Yeah! … if only I had been naked I wouldn’t have these damned tan lines.

Went to the chiropractor again today. It was a follow-up visit to the initial consultation. A doctor sat me down and gave me an entire sales pitch about why I needed chiropractic treatment. What he said to me all seemed reasonable, but it was entirely a sales pitch. I finally told him, “look, I’ll keep coming back as long as my insurance covers it. After that, I’ll consider it next year when the insurance hasn’t been used up.” He seemed happy with that and agreed to show me the x-rays that were taken on the first visit. Turns out that I may actually have a problem, as the x-rays showed a slight misalignment in the curvature of my spine at the neck. He also said that from looking at my spine from the front or back, you can see it’s not horizontal – it leans one way. I asked him if it could have just been that I was leaning my head, which seemed reasonable to me… he said, but why would you lean your head? If you’re leaning your head one way, straight up must not be comfortable. Sounded a little fishy. Anyhow, I got all cracked-out again by a couple of hot guys, so I’ll keep going back until the insurance runs out, and if I’m healthier for it, BONUS!

I’m rambling. Going to tune into channel 600 and see what I can order up on pay-per-view. Oh, and something’s fishy with my gallery. I’m reorganizing and adding photos to it, but they’re showing up rather large – some images are a meg, which can take a long time to view on a dialup connection. The gallery is supposed to size them down automatically, but it’s not working. Bear with me until I get things figured out.