Houston GLBT Roundup

Jim, Dave, Steve and I all had a fantastic time at the Houston Roundup. They’re so hospitable down in the south!

I met a ton of awesome people. Went to a few workshops. Heard some great speakers. Went out to the clubs one night – that was a little scary. Those Texas boys sure do know what they want at the lite-leather bar. I think it was called The Alley???

I’m kicking myself now. Can you believe I didn’t take one photo the entire trip? I brought my camera with no batteries and never got around to buying any. Grrr – I’m so ashamed! Fortunately, some of the other bloggers were able to snap a few photos.

Scott had this photo:

Mike had this photo:

12 thoughts on “Houston GLBT Roundup

  1. It was good to meet you. I wish I would have been feeling better to be able to fellowship more during the weekend.
    I think you ended up at the “RipCord”. My question is Why? LOL

  2. Fun times! I hate when I take my camera and then never bother to use it. the worst is when I have to carry it around forever, and then still don’t use it!

  3. I sent you a few pictures I took. I was too busy – apparently – to take pictures. ugh!
    We went to The Mining Company – hahaha I would not take these guys to the Ripcord, Ricky!
    Hope to see you guys again soon.

  4. The Ripcord has better leather.
    The Mining Company has better MEN dancers.
    The Ripcord has more space to roam.
    The Mining Company has a better outside view.
    The Ripcord has a “back patio.”
    The Mining Company has better music.
    Oh well. Just memories.

  5. Ahhh. The Ripcord. And I’ve only been there SOBER! It was great meeting you – sorry for my delayed comment. I hope you had a great Round Up. Come back next year – it’s going to ROCK! Ciao for now. Keep in touch.

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