Heart-warming Superbowl spot

I recall watching this with some friends from work (my previous employer). Our agency had done it’s first ever superbowl spot this year and we all gathered at the copywriter’s place to watch it on a white sheet draped across his living room with a projector we swiped from the office. Thinking back, it was actually one of my last nights drinking.

I went to the party directly from coming from a buddy’s place in Duluth. I tend to drink more than my share, so I always liked to bring some of my own so as not to intrude on anyone else’s generosity. It was a Sunday, and all of the liquor stores were closed, so on my way out of Duluth I crossed the bridge into Superior, Wisconsin. That was my second mistake – I hope I never have to return. After doting around town in half a foot of snow, I finally came upon a bar that was open in a strip mall. As I’d come to know after my vast experience of running out of booze on Sundays, most Wisconsin bars will sell you liquor “over the counter.” So, I parked the car, stepped in to find a rather charming group of individuals watching the pregame show. I finally got the 19 year old suspected-super-senior to help me with a 12 pack of Heinekin, and $18 later I was on my way back to town.

I stayed for the half time show and witnessed the JT-Janet spectacle live. We saw our spot run, ate, laughed at the ads, drank, and generally had a good time. I decided that the party was a little too docile for me, feined sleepiness and headed to the Saloon.