Friday morning in Houston

Jim just told his story at the roundup this morning. He was fantastic, as usual. It’s funny how nervous he was last night, tossing, turning, getting up at 2:00 in the morning, when he had it down pat. He’s always great, so I don’t know what he was so nervous of. Afterall, us alcoholics don’t judge people 🙂

5 thoughts on “Friday morning in Houston

  1. he did a fantastic job! I am glad you guys were there for support. speaking like this is very stressing. on the one hand we want to be good, on the other it is best when we remove ourselves (ego) from the talk. Again, I loved hit talk.

  2. Jim was excellent (no matter what they all said) LOL

    He brought a few tears to my eyes when he talked about saying goodbye to his ex. That hit a little close to home.

  3. Do you know if anyone offers speaker tapes of Jim? I looked at the Gopher State Tape Library’s website, and there are about a thousand Jim G’s.

    Brad 🙂

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