I keep having these drinking dreams on the weekends when I get to sleep in! I’ve never usually remembered much of my dreams, but I know that I get the feeling that I’ve been drinking. On occasion I will remember exactly what I was drinking – usually a vodka tonic – but usually I just get the feeling I was whoop’n it up.

Sometimes I’ll wake up from these dreams with the instantaneous feeling that I’ve been drinking and I feel like, ‘oh shit!’ and then the realization will come to me that I was just dreaming. … and then I’ll actually sometimes wake up with what I like to call a faux-hangover. It’s a terrible feeling! I’ll get a headache, have a foggy mind, and generally just be slow-going for a while.

I guess this is just my alcoholic mind at work. It’s either craving a
cocktail (see below) or having flashbacks. Whichever the case, I wish it would get over it!

Anyway, it’s supposed to be around 80 and sunny all weekend! I’m going to go up to the pool and lay out 🙂