Friday night I found myself done with work for the week. I had gone to an AA meeting where a friend received his one year medallion. I’ve only met him in the last few months and didn’t know him in his very early sobriety, but from what I’ve been told, he wasn’t always the caring guy he is today. A bunch of us went to The Green Mill for dinner afterwards and had a great time. The table was full of 10 -12 of us who have all grown a lot in the last year or so.

I returned home around 11:00 and plopped down on the couch to watch some TV. A rush of contentness filled me. I came to a realization that I have a lot to be grateful for. I’ve had this feeling before. But when it hits me like that, there’s no other way to describe it for me than reaching a moment of contentness. The weekend continued. Drama creeped in. By Sunday afternoon I was anything but content.

I decided to take some ‘me time’ and head to the Wilde Roast to finish up Ishmael My buddy Gus recommended the book to me; he said it changed his life. I finished it up last night, and while I don’t know if it will change my life, it most certainly brought up some important points. I found that the primary point of the book was, how things came to be. That meaning many things, but primarily how our culture ended up the way it is today. It was an interesting concept, and most of the book probably can’t be refuted – it’s based in fact. I’ll probably incorporate it into my own ‘self improvement’ program, recovery program, or whatever you want to call it. I’m simply trying to cause as few ripples in the universe as possible. Realize that there’s a reason things are the way they are, and go along with things – trying not to conform the world to my wants, rather be happy with what I’ve been given.

Anyway, I’ve been given a job, and I need to get back to it.