Affirmations time

I am loved. I am living in the here and now. I’m living God’s will. … and I am somebody.

Cheesy, huh? I said that twice a day when I was in treatment. It meant something to me at the time, but I haven’t really used the affirmations since, and it’s been about five months since I left treatment. I’m frankly shocked by the outpouring of support I’ve received by people I have only just met online, just met in the program (AA, for you normies), and people I’ve known for a while.

I got an email from a friend last night just checking in with me. It’s that kind of shit that makes you keep living. That somebody would take even 20 seconds to send a quick email and let you know they’re thinking about people. I thank God every day for putting those people in my life. To be honest, I’m not all that down about anything. At least not yet. I think I’m surviving by the grace of God and the support I’ve been receiving. That, and, I’ve kept myself really busy and haven’t allowed any depression to set in yet. I didn’t respond to my last thread because there were just too many responses to make. But, I do want to say, thank you, all. You’re all blessings.