Miscelaneous Entry

Addicting game to waste your day away.

Locate actual cell phone towers!
Verizon (though not as cool as the other two)

Fiddy-cent jewelry that’s hipper than hip.

Make your own DVR – I’m just enough of a geek that I may try this 😉

Somebody took it up the poop-shooter …

Let it Be is closing down it’s retail location, but will continue on the ‘net – read on:

Open email from Let It Be owner Ryan Cameron:

When I was a kid, my mom used to tell people that I learned how to read off the labels of the 45s my older brothers had passed on to me. While it did not provide an extensive vocabulary, by the age of 5 I certainly knew who the Beatles were and their song titles. Later I progressed to LPs (again, passed on) that I wore out beyond recognition with that cheap little phonograph that my parents had bought for me. I was hooked and I never turned back.

Music has always been the background to my life. I knew when I was young that I wanted to work in a record store, and just after turning 16, I was. I wound my way through, working at various stores, knowing that someday I would own one of my own. In 1987, my dream came true. I’ve always strived to have the best store possible. Over the years, many co-workers have passed through the doors (Paulie, Sam, RIP). I credit them, as much as myself, for making our store a success over these years. And of course our customers who have supported us in surviving retail for 18 years.

Over the past 5 years, the music industry has changed dramatically. What did not change was our desire to maintain a great store despite the changes. Music was always our concern. No bongs, incense, refrigerators, etc. Just music. Who knows how the music world will change in the future, but there will ALWAYS be great music. There will always be great record stores (virtual or brick and mortar). Independent record stores are the lifeblood of the industry. I encourage anyone reading this to support indie stores, as they are ground zero for the music community.

Let It Be Records will be closing our doors on or around June 15th. A redevelopment of our block has led me to the decision of whether to relocate the store, and I have decided not to do so. There are many reasons for my choice, some personal, some business, but it is my choice. Even if we stayed until the full length of our lease next year, I had already made the decision not renew it. I’ve owned the store for almost half my life, and feel I really need to change gears. I will be concentrating on my mail order business of rare vinyl and CDs, based at www.letitbe.com. My co-workers will go on shaping the local music scene in their own ways. Many are DJs who spin their musical favorites regularly.

Thanks again to all the customers over the years, all my co-workers, the bands/musicians who have supported our store with in-store performances, my parents & family, my wife Kellie (owner of Via’s Vintage Wear-24th & Hennepin), and my dear departed dog Calvin. I couldn’t have, and wouldn’t have done it without you.

Let It Be,
Ryan Cameron

4 thoughts on “Miscelaneous Entry

  1. I guess whomever got “lucky” on the hood of that Volvo (who knew?) doesn’t move around a lot during the fun. In fact, it looks like s/he just kind of laid there till it was over. Always an indicator of personality type…

  2. Dan, I just love that “paper in the wastebasket” game. I got really good at it once I figured out the purpose of the fan. Thanks for making my day a bit less dreadful.

    PS – there was a gaggle of cute preppy gayboys at the Roast last night….I recognized one of them as a blogger…any idea what was going on?

  3. Geez! I must be old, undersexed, retarded, or some combination thereof, because I looked and looked at that picture of the car before I got it. Too funny!

    I found your blog on a listing of Twin Cities bloggers, and I’ve been enjoying it for a few days now. Very entertaining!

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