Republican state senator publicly comes out


I don’t understand these folks. Republican gay guy who’s FOR the ban on same sex marriage – WTF is that all about?!

Paul Koering is publicly outing himself after pictures of himself in a gay bar have surfaced online – apparently people are trying to force him out of the closet. A tactic I’m not sure I agree with, but in some instances, this being one of those instances, I certainly understand it.

A close friend of mine was hit on by this guy in a bar. My friend happens to be half this man’s age. I have to ask myself – if you’re against gay marriage, but you’re still chasing after barely-legal tail, does that mean you’re for random hookups? One-night stands. Sex outside of marriage? Are those sorts of behavoirs viewed positively in your conservative constituents eyes?

Photo and much of this post comes from the Star Tribune – read their article, too.

6 thoughts on “Republican state senator publicly comes out

  1. We sow what we seed.

    Some people must learn the hard way that there are consequences to all of our actions. They may or may not be immediate consequences, but if one is a public figure, living off the taxpayer, one must be held accountable for one’s actions.

  2. Dan, Koering voted against Bachmann’s latest anti-gay amendment maneuver in the Senate. He does claim that he would support taking the amendment decision to the people. It’s a subtle point, but I don’t think it’s fair to say he’s “FOR the ban on same-sex marriage.”

    You gotta remember, he’s from Brainerd, not exactly a gay-friendly sort of town, and he wants to keep his Senate spot. I think it takes a pair of big ones to come out in a highly public position like the one he has, and as a Republican, especially.

    But yeah, I’ve heard that he needs to work on his game as far as hitting on the boys at the bars goes. It’s sad, but it seems like lots of older guys who have been closeted for years exhibit the same type of behavior.

  3. Hey, Dunner – thanks for your comment! In response, though, I believe he’s actually stated his official stance is that he’s for letting the voters decide, but he went on to say that he, “supports what’s in statute, and statute says marriage is between a man and a woman.” (quoted from the Strib interview)

    He stated that the reason he voted to block the senate vote was because Bachmann didn’t follow protocol.

    Sure, he’s from Brainerd, and sure, it’s in the middle of nowhere, but didn’t the people elect him because they believe in him? … and trust him to do the right thing? Being from a small town is no excuse to uphold the republican belief that there should be a ban on gay marriage. If he’s comfortable enough with himself regularly visiting gay bars, he should be comfortable supporting the right thing to do – not giving into pressures from his fellow republicans.

    Truthfully, I am way outta my league here – politics are not my fortay, but this issue is really hitting a nerve with me. I see this guy as having the power to actually help a good cause, but because of political bullshit, and possibly the concern for his own personal gain and/or advancement of his political career, he doesn’t help.

    And the only reason he publicly outted himself was because if he didn’t, somebody else was going to. He chose the lesser of two evils. I don’t view this as brave, I view this as cowardly – it’s something he should have done a long time ago.

    I may delete the post later, but for now I’m just venting 🙂

  4. Dan, you should leave it up. Politics might not be your thing, but this definitely affects you and probably lots of your readers, too. This is a really important issue to us. 🙂

    I go back and forth on stuff like this too, as to whether he’s just a coward or not. Sometimes it seems like the gay activists are the ones who actually sacrifice and get things done for gay people, while the conservative and Republican gay guys reap the benefits, flirt at gay bars and then stab us in the back at the ballot box.

    But at the same time, I think this guy sends a powerful message that the closet is a terrible place to be. And I think breaking down closet doors is one of the most important things that we can work towards right now, amendment or no amendment.

  5. I don’t understand Gay Republicans and will not try to pick at their brains. But gay men/women like this guy? Well, they’re either deeply emotionally scarred for life or they’re hypocrites. Or both. Either way, it’s not a good thing.

  6. His distinction is subtle – he is “for letting the people decide” (or however it was worded) and will support “whatever the statutes say.” A Nonstance Stance, so to speak. He takes a stand without revealing his personal opinion. It’s probably the best thing a homosexual with such conservative constituents can do in this situation.

    But, as such a public official, what on Earth is he doing in gay bars hitting on men young enough to be his son? Ugh…

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