Marlon Brando dies

Okay, everyone says he was great, and they’ve made their own post about him, so I feel obliged to as well. I don’t know that much about the man, but he was hot. And gay, yes / no?

5 thoughts on “Marlon Brando dies

  1. hi! i’m from Spain! sorry about my english. do you know why Marlon Brandon die? i hope that you write me please because i’m trnslating a Robbie Williams’ song and this song talks about Marlon Brandon and I don’t understand the story ok? the song is advertising space from his last CD intensive care.
    thanks! marina!

  2. about the song of advertising space… the song talk about him because he was once married with deborah Presley daughter of elvis presley.

    acerca de la cancion de advertising space… la canción habla de Marlon brando por que este señor estubo alguna vez casado con deborah presley hija ilegítima del señor Elvis presley. Marlon Brano murió hace algunos años… realmente no llevo la cuenta pero alrededor de 3 años, murió de un infarto

  3. dam he’s so freken hot..!..and his name’s Marlon Brando..not Brandon..and no hes not dead..hes acually comin out in the new 2006 superman movie…who told u losers he died already?…

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