How lame ARE we?

Lindsey Lohan is in town to shoot A Parie Home Companion. Sure she’s in the spotlight at the moment, but the Strib makes us sound like the biggest small town in America. This morning they had this photo on their website:


Accompanied by this caption:

Lindsay Lohan returns to the set of the movie “Prairie Home Companion” in St. Paul on Wednesday. But this time, she wasn’t as heavily guarded as when she had left it. Paparazzi, including some from New York City, waited to get a shot of her.

New York City – No! Really?

4 thoughts on “How lame ARE we?

  1. Go figure. A BLOG I read this morning referred to Chicago as located in one of the vast ‘flyover’ states to get to LA. Needless to say–be-atch won’t be getting my readership. Represent.

  2. Oh, silly Star Tribune. But stupid me, because all I can think as I type this is why I wasn’t there to gawk at her myself. I’m from Shoreview, though. That must be it… too small-town for Lindsay.

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