God Rest Your Soul, Tammy Faye

Tammy Faye Bakker died Friday after a decade-long battle with Cancer. She was 65. After a lifetime of helping people and years of public ridicule and shame, she continued to put a smile on her face and mascara on her eyes at all times. A spectacular ability to stay positive in light of arduous circumstances, she had faith that a higher power would see her through. I hope she’s finally at peace.

Tammy Faye Tammy Faye Tammy Faye Tammy Faye

A visit to www.tammyfaye.com this morning yielded only a simple, yet ironic message:


One thought on “God Rest Your Soul, Tammy Faye

  1. I saw this news item only recently. I’d just bought “the eyes of Tammy Faye” documentary.

    She seemed to have something like an iron cord through the centre of her personality. Maybe that was her faith, maybe it was something else but she really seemed to have something that stiffened her spine in the face of adversity.

    She will be missed.

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