Gay-bashing cop goes unpunished

I’m reprinting this article sourced from the StarTribune website.

I find it nothing but totally appalling. I faintly recall this story in the news last year, but had since forgotten about it. As I remember, this cop, the chief’s son no less (read: pompous ass on a power-trip) was in a gay bar, where he was drunk and started a fight slurring homophobic remarks. The fight moved outside where he flashed his police-issued pistol, then threatened police action against the people he started a fight with, THEN, when the police arrived, HE FLED THE SCENE!

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Son of former St. Paul police chief won’t be charged in bar brawl Howie Padilla, Star Tribune December 30, 2004 LORETZ1230

St. Paul police Sgt. Jon Loretz will not face any criminal charges in connection with a bar brawl in September 2003, prosecutors said Wednesday. After poring over 21 witness statements taken by investigators at the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, Minneapolis city attorneys found insufficient evidence to file misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor charges against Loretz, said Assistant City Attorney Mary Ellen Heng. Several people at the gay-friendly St. Paul bar formerly known as Lucy’s Saloon claimed that Loretz struck several women on the dance floor and yelled homophobic remarks. Witnesses also had said that Loretz tried to use his authority as a police officer to threaten patrons and employees. Among the charges Minneapolis prosecutors explored were weapons charges and assault charges, including an allegation that Loretz brandished a gun during the fight, Heng said. This past September, Olmsted County prosecutors determined that there was insufficient evidence to bring felony charges against Loretz. About a month later, the Minneapolis city attorney’s office was tapped to examine the case for possible gross misdemeanor or misdemeanor charges. Ramsey County turned over the investigations to avoid a conflict of interest.

Wednesday’s decision brings to a close the criminal phase of the case. The St. Paul Police Department will now begin an internal review of the fight and its aftermath, said department spokesman Officer Paul Schnell. “We’re going to ensure any officers involved were in compliance with any and all department policies,” Schnell said. Loretz, the son of former St. Paul Police Chief William Finney, is assigned to the department’s family violence unit but has been on sick leave since Aug. 9, Schnell said. His personnel file includes 15 thank you letters and letters of recognition, and a record of an oral reprimand from Finney for being in a preventable car accident. The most serious disciplinary action was a three-day suspension for excessive force in 1999. That incident involved a drug bust in which a 17-year-old boy’s tooth was chipped when Loretz wrestled him to the ground.

Kevin Short, Loretz’s attorney, said that he never had any doubts that his client would be cleared of any allegations of criminal wrongdoing in connection with the fight at Lucy’s.

“I have known since the first day that there would be no credible evidence to suggest he should be charged,” Short said. “We’re satisfied that justice finally made its way through the system.”

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Now TWO prosecuting offices have failed to charge him with anything, even though there are 21 FUCKING WITNESSES? This is an outrage.