Any guess what this might be?

Nope, it’s not a parking lot

… it’s I-94 turned into a parking lot!

I was with a couple of buddies coming home from breakfast in St. Paul last weekend when traffic suddenly stopped. There was no movement for such a long time that people started to get curious, and ventured out of their cars. It was quite an odd site considering people are usually cruising along this part of the world at 60 mph. We wondered what happened – what could cause traffic to stop for 45 minutes. For as far as we could see, there were only parked cars and curious folks walking around.

This guy decided to organize his trunk

These shameless girls let their filthy car be known to the world – look at all the shit on the floor!

Traffic finally started moving again and we were crammed into one moving lane. We passed this state trooper with somebody in the backseat. We still had no idea what happened.



We finally passed through the jam – the two cars above having caused the holdup. Clear road greeted us. Note the gawkers on the opposing side of the freeway have caused another jam.

I heard in the news that night that a 17 year old Hastings teenager had stopped to help another motorist change a flat tire on the left side of the freeway. A third car came along and crashed into them. The 17 year old died. Sad. And we were bitching about being held up in traffic, and here this kid loses their life for trying to help out an older woman. Makes you remember to be grateful to be alive and have what you do.

Full size photos and more shots are in the gallery.