I’ve not had the best day. It all ended with me at Walgreens in line for my prescription refill. I counted twenty-phucking-three people in the waiting area! How medicated is my neighborhood?!? And don’t they know there are nine other Walgreens in the area????

After impatiently waiting in line for what seemed like a semi-eternity, the loudspeaker announces, “so-and-so’s prescription is ready.”

This woman appears from the candy isle with a basket-load of Valentine’s Day candy and pushes her way to the front of the line, where she proceeds to have the pharmacy tech ring up her prescription and her candy… oh and then she pulls out the wrapper of the snickers bar she’s eating because she, “just couldn’t wait.” The phucking-pharmacuetical-audacity of this CUNT. The culprit is in red.


Do these people not see the line stretching around the store back to cosmetics? Just because your prescription is ready does NOT give you the right to bypass the line. I was so upset at the situation that I nearly lost it. The only thing holding me back from beating this woman to a verbal-pulp was that I knew if I did I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from slapping her and landing myself in jail.

I mean seriously. HELLO. I called ahead. I had my prescription waiting for me. Where’s my phucking express line?

The only comforting part of my trip to Walgreens was the realization that I’m not the only heavily-medicated uptown resident.

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