Sunday at the Parade, and later at the festival was another fun-filled and sweaty day!


This little lady was ready to take the kids out to see the queers.

It was so hot out, this queen had to remove her hair!

Pleasantly surprised to see my friend Michelle in the parade

Plenty of eye-candy marching down Hennepin 🙂


Back at the festival I ran into my friends Dick and Matt.


More eye-candy in the park.

… and more undressed eye-candy due to the humidity. God bless.

5 thoughts on “Twin Cities Gay Pride 2005

  1. yes … the two guys in sleevless tees are hot hot hot. unfortunately … pride is non-existant down here. it’s more like redneck every day pride.

  2. charlotte nc would be the biggest city to me as it’s barely under an hour’s drive. i just don’t know anyone who knows the city well so it’s not much fun going there. atlanta is 3 hours south by car so i suppose that’s an option.

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