I spent nearly an hour trying to get from my home on the south end of downtown to pick up my buddy Rambo on the north end. In Minnesota there is a running joke about our climate; we have only two seasons – Winter and Road Construction.

I complain about the road construction every summer but this year in particular seems to be worse than others. The I-35 bridge is down so there are all sorts of detours with that. The Twins Stadium is being built and they’ve got roads closed and dug up all over the city to reroute sewer and utilities. Lake Street seems to be continuously under redevelopment. Lyndale Ave has been closed at various points through the summer. Rail lines are going in and roads have been blocked for construction. Then there’s the Crosstown project that’s had major freeways closed, bridges torn down, and I-35 in one big perpetual clusterfuck.

However, there was one positive thing about being stuck in traffic today. This photo I snapped of the new Minneapolis Central Library as seen through my moonroof. It’s pretty spectacular.