Serial foreign caller strikes again!

For those of you reading for a while, you know that I have a woman who’s been leaving messages on my voicemail at home. She clearly has the wrong phone number, at least I hope she does, yet she continues to call. I hope its not important, but I can’t really tell. If anyone can decipher / translate the message it would be interesting to know what’s been going on. It’s also ironic to note that the language she speaks seems to be somewhat of a hybrid, as she always ends her calls with, “Okay, bye.” (in English) Here are two messages I’ve received over the past two days.

8 thoughts on “Serial foreign caller strikes again!

  1. She is speaking Nigerian and it is a form of slang she is using called high English, a mixture of English and Nigerian. The message was not important just a everyday call. To much to translate.

    By the way enjoy your blogs, Thanks.

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