Okay, so I was all excited about IKEA opening and then I didn’t even post anything about my trip… or maybe I mentioned it, but I think it deserves it’s own post.

We’re here!!!

They had an entire parking lot set aside just for the media. It was the closest lot and it was HUGE. Of course they had customers parking across the street and walking a mile in the sweltering heat, but everyone knows that marketing should come first!

Here’s one of the TV station trucks with their broadcasting satellite fully extended. You’d think that they’d want to park farther away from the building since it’s so big it probably interferes with the signal! Ok, I’m done bitching about how far I had to walk – I promise. That’s Jim in the lower left checking out one of the dozens of uber-hotties parading around the lot.

In the main entrance area they had a Mini Cooper on display with all of these boxes stacked on top of it. The stack was so tall I couldn’t fit the entire thing in the frame of my camera. On the very top (not pictured) there was a red sofa to match the car and the other various items. It must have been a nightmare to get this thing setup properly – notice it’s leaning against the wall in some places.

This is Jim and a complete stranger. They’re posing for what we hope will become part of the next catalogue. They must have failed to realize that none of the staged shots in the IKEA catalogue feature PEOPLE.

I LOVED the cafateria! I paid only $3.75 for a serving of Swedish meatballs, potatoes, the chocolate desert, and a medium-sized soda! It was surprisingly good, too – especially considering it was served cafateria style! This is a such a good idea, too, considering how much walking you do in this place, and how much time you can spend there. You’re bound to work up an appetite half-way through your shopping experience.

On this trip I didn’t actually purchase anything. On the next trip (yes, I’ve been there twice in the past two weeks), I purchased an umbrella for $4. I’ve heard they sell them for a dollar off on days that it’s raining. I’m waiting on any major purchases until I find out what the roommate is doing. Hopefully I won’t have to buy anything.

There are more photos of my trip in the gallery.