Ballerina Barbie and … Tulips?

Spent much of the day cleaning house, doing chores, and paying bills. The stuff I don’t really care to do, but have to do in order to keep my life somewhat sain. I decided I’d spruce up my activities by taking a few snapshots of a couple of gifts I received for my birthday: Ballerina Barbie and some flowers – I think Tulips, but I’m not a master gardener, so I’m not quite sure. More photos in the gallery.

Ballerina Barbie popped right out of my cake.


3 thoughts on “Ballerina Barbie and … Tulips?

  1. What’s the deal with Barbie’s neck? I don’t remember it being as long as that when I.. I mean my sister had one as a child!

  2. Actually, I rather fancy this tulip shot. It’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Simple shapes combined with a limited color palette are a calming influence and connect the viewer with nature’s simplicity of design. I think this would look smashing as a 6′ x 4′ mural enlargement in a loft apartment. Black, Italian-leather sectional optional.

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