okay, alright already!

I’ve had a friend bother me for not mentioning his name yet, so here it is:

Hello, Gabian!

In all honesty, Sister Hoffner has been a good friend to me since shortly after my sobriety began. He’s set a great example for me as to how to live your life without the booze and dope that Broadway doesn’t go for. He’s introduced me to the Legion of Decency – a sisterhood of saints who live their lives preaching to those with less than ideal morals. And of course he’s been a great person to know for his vast network of sober friends, and seemingly endless list of cute boys. Other hoorays should go to Johnny H, Dave D, a host of other friends, and of course, my sponsor, Sister G, whose guidance, exemplary lifestyle, perfect manners, and gorgeous good-looks I couldn’t have survived to this day without.

Ahhh, gotta run – I think I hear a fax coming in!