High School Friends

My friend Kate arrived in town yesterday and a bunch of us met her out for drinks. I have known Kate since kindergarten. I remember her as one of 3 kids in class who came to school already knowing how to read, so an hour each day she got taken away to do some advanced stuff. Even though I haven’t seen her since … shit, I think it may have been over a year, I still consider her one of those special people – I hope I never lose touch.

Kate, flanked by Megan and Missy, the morning after our 5 year HS reunion 🙂
The group included 6 or so of us from high school, my roommate, and various boyfriends (I was the only guy). We met at Bar Abilene around 11:00, after my usual Tuesday night AA gig of a meeting, dinner and coffee. They were already pretty toasted, which makes it somewhat easier to be around, because I can see how silly they’re being, and I don’t necessarily want a drink as bad.

They were all curious about what was going on. Some of them had found the website by chance, or even google in one case, but they still wanted to know what had happened from me. We talked, reminisced, made fun of my old neighbor, Charmaine, ‘the crack whore next door,’ and had a good time laughing until around 1:00am.

I had a great time. Didn’t have any urges at all, but did have a slight feeling of not belonging, sipping on my diet coke, and not vodka-redbulls. I can’t really put my finger on it. I’m hopeful that feeling will dissipate with time.

I hadn’t been to Bar A in a while – can you believe they took down that John Wayne poster above the urinal in favor of one of those new ‘interactive urinal displays’?!?!?! He was a classic! My friends and I used to plan how we were going to sneak that thing out of there. We got one or two screws, of six, out of the frame, and others got all but one screw the last time I saw it. And now they took it down!!!! ARGH!