… I am going to be an uncle.

I’ve got 2 older half brothers, 2 older half sisters and 1 younger (full) brother. All older siblings are married and have children – 6 nieces and nephews total. I just found out this evening from my mentally ill mother that my younger brother got his ex-girlfriend pregnant. It’s the same story with every girlfriend he has. My mother becomes embedded in the relationship and will speak praise on high of the girlfriend, always commenting that she, “hopes he holds onto this one.” As soon as they break up she changes her attitude to, “well she
wasn’t quite perfect and she wasn’t helping to promote a healthy lifestyle by doing all of his cleaning and laundry for him.”

Well, this last one, who was ‘studying to be an orthodontist,’ and who my mother was desperately trying to convince my brother to marry (presumably for some financial stability) has planted a firm grip on my brother’s life, and my mother’s, and my family’s.

Apparently they broke up. Then the girlfriend informed my brother that she was pregnant with his child. My brother wanted her to have an abortion. She wouldn’t hear of it.

A few days later my brother had some friends over to watch a movie, when she walked in. She saw another girl in attendance and proceeded to the kitchen, where she found the largest knife available. She returned to the living room and attempted to attack the other girl. My brother wrestled the knife away from her. She returned to the kitchen, found another knife, and locked herself in the bathroom, threatening suicide. My brother had to kick the door in to keep her
from hurting herself.

Talk about a cry for attention.

No wonder my mother identified with her so well.

Anyhow, she spent three days in the psych ward and my brother is now planning to sue for full custody once the child is born. Funny enough, the ex-girlfriend called my mother to talk. My mother has continued conversations with this girl under the premise that she is ‘taking notes.’

What a frick’n mess. I’m trying not to be dramatic about this; I’m trying not to let it affect my well-being. But it’s got me down. It’s more drama, more turbulence, more unhappiness, and more for my
mother to feel victimized about.

Oh well – just another day in sobriety.