Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith

Ok, I’m a sci-fi geek. I like Star Trek and Star Wars. Yes, I’m gay. Yes, I like these two genres more than I like Liza or Babs. No, you cannot have my gay card.

I can’t wait until May 19th – the big day – the day episode III debuts in theatres. Well, actually, I can wait. In fact, I’ll probably wait a week or two for the crowds to die down before I go and see it.

I don’t know where I developed this interest in sci-fi, but it’s always been there. I loved watching the original Star Wars movies over and over again as a child. I couldn’t wait for Star Trek: The Next Generation to come up on Fox29 at 10:00pm as a teenager. Even though it was on a UHF channel and my parents didn’t subscribe to cable, I watched it – static and all – religously.

And now, episode III is looming over us. The last piece to the puzzle. The storyline that’ll put it all together. Over 25 years in the making and tieing together 5 other films. This is the big one.


Could they have found a hotter guy to play Anakin? This boy is pure sex. Okay, so Ian Somerhalder may be a little bit hotter than this one. But, Life as a House was wonderful. His skin is perfect. He’s uneasiness when first kissing Natalie Portman onscreen, and his adolecent-like hot-headedness make him real. Others have said he’s a terrible actor, citing his amateuristic line recitings, but I’m sticking with him – he’s beautiful, and my future husband, so perhaps I’m biased.


The multi-charactered Scot, Ewan McGregor is real no matter who he plays. Not sure if he’s top-billing in this film or not, but IMDB does list him first in the credits. This guy has definately made a name for himself. Who else goes from Trainspotting to being Obi Wan? I liked this choice of casting because I like him, but also because the original Obi Wan, Alec Guiness, is from the same island. Ewan plays the inexperienced mentor well, but I hope episode III will show us how the younger version grows to become the older, wiser teacher of earlier films.


After seeing her in Closer and Garden State a few months back, I can’t help but be attracted to her. We’ve seen her grow up on screen. We’ve seen her be naive, innocent, sexual, happy, and now, fighting and in love. She does everything well. She makes this character so much like Princess Leia, it makes me wonder if all princesses are supposed to be such bruts – I’m certainly not. I am in love with Natalie Portman. I want to be Natalie Portman. Okay, not really, but she’s just about as perfect as one could hope for.


What the fuck was the casting director thinking? Jimmy Smits as a Jedi? We’re talking the future of the inter-galactic empire here, not the crack dealer around the corner on the streets of Manhattan. Totally. Un. Believable.


Where will you be on May 19th?

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