This weekend was fantastic! Though it was nice and sunny, it never rose much above 70, so I didn’t get an opportunity to work on my tan, but I’m not going to bitch too much because the rain we’ve had is so dreadfully depressing – the sun is a nice change. I’ve watched Girls Will Be Girls a few times in the last week. It’s pure all-out camp. Miss CoCo Peru stars as one of three main gals. You’d recognize her from Trick and To Wong Foo. “Have you ever had cum in your eye, Gabriel? It burrrrrns!” Go rent it, or better yet, go buy it.

And, along the same lines, Die Mommie Die just came out on video, too! It’s a real tribute to the old Betty Davis flicks, and it stars Jason Priestly post-i’m-an-idiot-car-crash-incident!