Pay It Forward makes me cry every time I see it. Okay, so I just saw it for the second time – but this makes twice.

The concept is simple. Do something nice for three people. Eventually it’ll come full circle and somebody will do something nice for you.

I won’t tell you why it makes me cry, because I don’t want to ruin it for you. However, the other really sad part about the movie is that it presumes, and I think correctly, that it’s a foreign concept for people to do something nice for anyone. That’s the sad truth. So do something nice for someone. Not because you want something in return, just make a habbit of it, and you’ll see positive change in your life.

10 thoughts on “Pay It Forward

  1. What a nice idea. It is an idea I try to live by, and am surprised when people do nice things for me. However, you are right, it is a foreign concept to most people, and I love seeing peoples faces when you do something nice. I travel a lot for work, and if I see elderly people looking lost and confused, I will usually escort them to their gates. For me, the reward of doing something nice is hearing the heartfelt “Thank you.”

  2. I have a similar reaction to “It’s a Wonderful Life,” and trust me, I know it’s as cheesy as it sounds. But at the end of the movie when everyone in the town comes to the house to help George Bailey because he has been so generous to them over the years, my heart melts–and I burst into a blubbering idiot.

    It’s the only movie I’ve ever cried while watching.

  3. The most moving part for me is when the mom finds her booze in the washing machine, and starts to drink it.

    Between gulps, she lets out this gasp. It’s actually a mix between a gasp and a sob.

    That one moment describes me to a tee: my style of drinking (isolated) and my hurt of needing the drink in the first place.

    Excellent movie.

  4. Yes, doing something for someone else and not expecting payment is how I was raised, and tried to raise my kidss to have the same idea. My son mowed his neighbors lawn and got strange looks for his reward. haha… But when I was a kid, people helped others, no problem. Now when you offer help, or pitch in, folks wonder what you want in return and you are given a strange look when you say nothing…pass it on. By the way, if you see someone who has no smile, give them one of yours. Best wishes.

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