After seeing this film:


… I found myself seeing more and more Mormon boys out riding their bikes through the neighborhood. I had never noticed them before! Makes me wonder if they’d always been there, or if the Mormon church thought they’d take advantage of the free publicity 😉 Just kidding – they probably didn’t appreciate the film too much.

Anyway, the point of my post – I saw the hottest two Mormon boys the other day. In fact, I don’t recall ever seeing an un-hot one. Along the ‘never noticed them before’ lines. I find it funny that I had NO idea that coffee shops were filled with people in the program prior to treatment. I used to hang out in them just to socialize, read a book, or get a coffee. Now it’s practically a staple in my life. I don’t go more than 48 hours without visiting a coffee shop.

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  1. Our approach is very simple- we detail the mandate Joseph was given from the Bible, then look at how well he did to fulfill that. We discuss Twelve Doctrines that his followers are known to believe in and compare those with the purpose of his mandate- The Book of Mormon.

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