Flaming drama queens

You know the type – flaming drama queens who love gossip and make a big deal out of the smallest little things in an effort to live in an imaginary Melrose Place.

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Sorta gives the saying, “My mouth is on fire” a whole new meaning.

5 thoughts on “Flaming drama queens

  1. YIKES! that hurts to watch. But I’ve viewed it a dozen times already. I had a college roommate who lit farts and I thought THAT stunt was dangerous. (best viewed in a darken dorm room, btw…)

  2. hOLY SHIT! I didn’t know persons other than fire breathing circus guys did that! Scary!
    P.S. Sparkles, thank you for your blogs on the Valentines day recovery thing. I read the first one and was really impressed and have referred it to a lesbian friend in recovery. Bless your heart.

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