Alexander sucked

Alexander absolutely sucked. Don’t even bother with a rental. The only redeeming quality of the movie was that Colin Farrell kissed a couple of guys.

AND, it’s three hours. Trust me, DO NOT GO TO THIS MOVIE.

Jim and I concluded that the only reason the film was distributed was because they sunk millions into producing it and needed to try to recoup some of the cost.

I’ve got the flu. Yes, I went to the movies, and hopefully I gave it to the old lady who sat in the seat in front of me, that I was using as a footstool. Seriously – there were plenty of other seats in the theatre, why take the one I’m resting my feet on. Is it just because you can? I can’t stand self-entitled old people. I had an old lady cut me off the other day, so I honked at her. She gave me dirtiest look, as if to say, “How dare you honk at me. I am old. That gives me the right to cut you off.”

Yes, I’m discontent right now. My body aches. I’ve rented the latest Harry Potter flick in the hopes that it entertains me for a couple of hours so I don’t have to think.