Who knew?

Who knew that ad concepting would one day be this easy? With the time savings, big marketters will be able to put even more money into their media buy!

Where did Dan go?

So work has been a little nuts lately. People have left, which leaves those remaining picking up some slack, which leaves scarce lunches, very little socializing, and generally a hectic workplace. I recently moved out of my old cube into an office a few floors up. Good news – the office offers a little more […]

Ad League Softball Game

Yesterday I attended my very first Ad League softball game. There are roughly 20 teams in the league – populated by folks who work at various agencies around town. It’s a fun way to meet new people, build connections, and, in general, perpetuate the ad agency community’s incestuous nature. We won this game 8 – […]

Small Tidbits

Busy week, what with Jim’s Birthday taking up all of my spare time to plan 😉 Just kidding. But really, it’s been busy, so I’ve emailed myself little noteworthy items of interest I wanted to mention. This chick was banned from walking during her high school graduation ceremony because she was pregnant! How absurd! She […]

Work shenanigans

Every year the agency celebrates the fishing season opener with it’s own event – The Minnow Races! Eight “Minnow Jockeys” are nominated to represent different areas of the agency. Employees are encouraged to don their fanciest hat in a Kentucky Derby-like show of support. Breaded and fried walleye is served with Minnesota staples like cole […]