Yesterday was filled with errands. Today was yard work, gardening, getting out the hose, replanting a tree – it was all very glamorous. The folks at Park Ave grilled burgers and hot dogs, we had the house meeting and finished the evening off with a bonfire and ice cream (we forgot to buy the ingredients for smores).

There’s something about working in the yard that brings me so much serenity, peace, and joy. I’m not sure if it’s the simple fact that you’re doing something to keep yourself busy, and while doing it, you’re in the sun… or if it’s something more – that you’re creating life, nurturing saplings, and fostering growth.

Same thing goes for outdoor fires. It seems that some of my most interesting and heartfelt conversations have arisen around campfires. The temperature after sundown tonight was round 55 degrees – just cool enough to really appreciate the fire that warmed me while the flames and embers kept me memorized.

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