Michael did such a beautiful job answering these questions in his recent post that I decided to give it a go. Of course, reading his blog you just know that he rattles this shit off the tip of his tounge. For me, I have to think about what I write. Like the needle-holding nursing assistant in that forever-funny episode of Will and Grace says, “I was like, ‘This is haaard.'”

1) Why do you keep your weblog/blog/online writing thingie: for fun, for fame, for money, for popularity, or for another more obscur reason? What about the weblog gives you what you want?

I first starting writing about a year ago. My intent then was to explore myself, my sobriety, my inner-child, my what-have-you, through writing. I thought that perhaps a few people might stumble upon the site, and that was okay with me.

Then I discovered blogrolls, blog directory sites, and even other bloggers. My recent attempt at sobriety was suddenly filled with another obsession – blogging.

I now sometimes struggle with finding something to write about. I like to make quick small posts about humorous or news-worthy events happening in the world, but I also like to write something semi-meaningful, diary-like, or something that others may get something out of.

I’ve met people in person through the blogosphere. I’ve made friends online who I’ve never met, and probably never will. But it’s given me another avenue in which to expand my life.

Now, I think I blog because I want to be able to look back on my life and see what was important to me back when …, and see what my perspective was about what was going on in current events, and all that jazz. In many ways I’m still growing up, and like parents with a video camera locked on their little one, I want to see myself grow up.

2) Imagine that your weblog becomes wildly popular: your hit counter skyrockets, your comments are overflowing, and everyone is emailing you about everything you post. Name 3 positive things that could come of this, and 3 negative things.

3 positive things:

  • I’ll have the validation (that I don’t really need, but who doesn’t like that?)
  • My google ads may actually be generating more than $0.07 a day
  • I will have met countless folks that will have undoubtably helped me grow

3 negative things:

  • My hosting bill will have skyrocketed
  • My inbox would presumably be overflowing with people needing my help each and every day. Sometimes a life of fame and celbrity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!
  • The pressure to continue writing and continue growing readership may ultimatley hurt the content

3) What’s the worst possible result you can imagine (short of being electrocuted or having your computer take over your brain, and who says it hasn’t already?) from keeping a weblog?

Being fired. My mother finding it? Being stalked? Okay, so that might be kinda fun. I really can’t imagine anything all that bad coming of this. I suppose I’m somewhat of an open book with this blog, so there’s a possibility that somebody could take advantage of me, but I don’t know how.

4) What do you do to prevent that worst possible result from happening?

I don’t normally mention folks by the full name, nor do I mention where I work, or list my street address – those types of nuances.

5) List 5 reasons that would make you stop keeping your weblog for a period of 6months to a year.

  • Breaking both hands
  • Breaking both wrists
  • Breaking my back
  • Dying
  • Becoming very depressed

6) List 5 reasons that would make you stop forever.

  • Dying
  • Going ‘back out’
  • If something (I can’t imagine what) terrible happened as a result of my mainting this site
  • Somebody paid me a lot of money to shut up
  • ?
  • ?

7) Describe your definition of a “successful weblog”.

I suppose there are lots of factors. Readers, interesting posts, serves a purpose – all of these things are probably good indicators. Running in the black if you’re trying to turn a profit, too.

8) Is yours successful by your definition?

I think so. The blog serves my purposes. I have readers. Interesting posts – thats for the readers to decide. Profitable – not by a long shot.

9) What pisses you off most in other weblogs? What pleases you most?

I don’t know that anything pisses me off about other weblogs. If I don’t like them, I just don’t go back. However, there are some things that will make me not go back:

  • Nude photos of women
  • Egotistical or right-wing writing
  • Nude photos of female breasts
  • Ridulous designs, copy that ReAdS LiKe ThIs is not cool either
  • Nude photos of cooches
  • Uninteresting topic matter

What pleases me:

  • Links back to my blog
  • Trackbacks to my blog
  • Seeing a site high in the referrs list of my log reports
  • People sharing their real selves with the world
  • Other folks like me – which makes me realize that maybe I’m not the only crazy one out there

4 thoughts on “Why I blog

  1. After two unsuccessful attempts at blogging I finally kept the one I have. It’s not great but it’s the best I can do with AOL. Blogging helps me with my recovery and along the way I became addicted, like any true addict. I’m actually jealous of other people’s blogs and how great the graphics are and what they can do with them. I am so limited. Dan, keep up the blogging. Don’t go away and have a great day! Peace – JJ

  2. All good answers, in my opinion. I will make one exception though. You say that being stalked might be fun??? Obviously, it’s never happened to you. It is a felonious crime for a reason. For me, it was actually worse than being raped, because I was stalked for nearly a year. It nearly ruined my job and my life. I no longer had a personal life. I was ready for suicide — and I am not a suicidal person, but it just wouldn’t end. The police could do nothing (back then). I would not wish that on anyone. I’m just sayin’ …

  3. I’ve been reading your blog for several months now. Don’t remember now how I came upon it, but it struck me at the time that you are an ernest young writer. So I bookmarked you.

    My blog grew out of a grief journal I started after my lover died. My e-mails to my friends became incessant, and I finally decided to put it all out on the web and see what happened. Perhaps putting my private thoughts in the public eye would bring me to a catharsis.

    I blog anonymously because it frees me to write things that, perhaps, I wouldn’t want my friends or family to read. My family is very restrictive and private. So this is a form of liberation for me.

    Also, “publishing” my thoughts, as it were, compells me to be a better writer. Some of my posts are pretty sloppy; but overall, the posts I consider to be important are the ones I’ve polished because I know I’m writing for an audience. Blogging is a good way for a writer to discipline himself.

    The audience can get needy. Now I feel guilty if I don’t post at least once a day, just to feed my fans. Which leads to some pretty weak posts. I’m trying to get over that.

    Re: stalking. I recommend that you remove all pictures of yourself and your friends from your blog. I’ve had three horrific experiences with stalkers, any one of which could have resulted in my death. One case went on for years and made my life a living hell. And that’s not from blogging–it was just from being a cute boy around town. Trust me, don’t tempt the stalkers.

    Aside from all that, you are cute! Use your talents wisely.


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