OMG, I just had a super-fantastic day! Started out with sleeping in until 11:00, which is someting I haven’t done in probably a month. Went to Spy House and got a blueberry muffin and a light roast. Did my crossword puzzles. Stopped over at Mom & Dad’s and dropped off their coolers. Fixed Mom’s computer. Dropped Dustin off at the airport (he’s going to the Hamptons for the week – that Bastard!). Picked Jim up at the Mall. Went to the gym with Jim. Went to an NA meeting with Jim. Went to Kowalski’s with Jim to pick up steaks and veggies. Came home, grilled, ate, watched Andy Roderick on SNL – yummmmmy! Did laundry. Found my digital camera so I can take photos of the rodeo tomorrow! Did four loads of laundry, and am just folding up the last of it.

He totally looks like Ethan Hawke in this photo, and is it just me, or does it look like he’s checking this guy out?

Funny story. I lit the grill and the flames were getting rather high. Jim didn’t want anyone in the building next to us to think things weren’t under control (they weren’t). Since I’m on a rather high floor, quite a number of people in the next building had a view of our fire. Anyhow, Jim put the lid on the grill…. then the fire started coming out the bottom of the grill, so he took the lid off when a HUGE fireball jumped out at us – it was like something out of The Lord of the Rings! We both screamed. Not five minutes later a fire truck with sirens, lights, the whole works pulled up to the building. I was about the turn off the lights and hide (the fire was under control by this point), when it drove off.

Phew. Anyhow, gotta finish off the laundry and get to bed in fresh sheets 🙂