Six MCAD students crammed into a booth meant for four. Five girls and one guy – clearly a homo.

Girl is sitting at a table by herself in front of the opened french doors to 25th St. She has perfect posture and is holding her hands in a position around her coffee – one in front of the mug, and one above, as if meditating or drawing upon the energy contained within.

Most interesting, is the late-twenties homo sitting in the middle of the room with his Macbook Air. I am waiting for the bathroom and see him rise from his seat and take a very close look at himself in the mirror on the pillar near him. Checking for blemishes, straightening his shirt, and then he returns to a seated position. He too has good posture. With his Macbook Air, he has several accessories. A laptop stand that raises the monitor to a more eye-level height, consistent with his posture. A mouse. An external keyboard. This mystifies me, as the attraction of an Air is its compactness, and this man has an entire duffle bag for his accessories alone.

St. Germain is playing. The owner is studying his phone bill at the bar. Time to get working.

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  1. Hello – I just discovered your blog from Wait.What….and glad I found it. I lived in L.A. for a long time, and watched a lot of people go downhill. Glad you pulled yourself together and made a clean success of your life!

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