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My last day at the agency is here. Emotions are running through me; each of them trying to squeeze their way to the surface. Excitement, happiness, fear, anxiety, nostalgia, remorse, gratitude.

This is the first time I have quit a job in eight years. (I had been laid off from my previous two employers.)

I don’t like change, either. I prefer to stay comfortable in my own space. Shaking things up is something I’ve had to really push for in my own life. I’ll have to wait to see if that effort pays off. I think it will. I hope it will.

But why shake things up? Because it’s time. My needle wasn’t edging forward. I’m stagnant. Life is growing dull. Challenge and growth is somewhere out there, outside of my space, where I’ve been hiding from it.

I’m sitting in my cube pondering what’s next. This place has meant a lot to me. Opportunity has come my way here, growth has occurred here, learning is constant here. I will miss it.

I used to joke that all I ever wanted was retirement, and my goal was age 30. By the time I was 25 I realized I would never make enough money to retire by 30, so I revised the goal to state, “I’ll work for myself by the time I’m 30.” I’m 28 today and it’s actually happening. I am filled with gratitude for so many people in my life, circumstances, a higher power, everything.

Come Monday I’ll have started my own company. I’ll be doing similar work to what I do now, except for myself. I’ve secured a long-term contract with my first client that has enabled me to finally branch out on my own. I think I’m ready.

So with that, Goodbye, Agency. Hello, Me.

10 thoughts on “My Last Day of Work

  1. Congratulations! I’m in awe and jealous of your path right now.

    Leaving a job is always difficult, especially when you’re comfortable in it. Leave on good terms, and you can always come back. That’s my company’s motto.


  2. Keep in mind the Fool card from the Tarot deck who steps off the cliff and into the unknown. But, beneath him, the hands of God are there to catch him.

    Good luck. Being self-employed is a great adventure (I’ve been doing it for 15 years). You get to work 12 hours a day but at least you get to choose which 12. Unfortunately, you can’t quit or get fired though. And, if your boss is like mine, he’s an a**hole. Work, work, work.

  3. That’s great Dan!
    I must admit that I thought you were running the recovery house full time. I was wrong, as is so often the case.

  4. Thanks, everybody. No, Dave – the houses sort of run themselves – each with their own house manger. I’m lucky in that way 🙂

  5. Dan,

    Congratulations! I’m excited that you’ve got your own thing underway (with a client, no less). Let’s definitely keep in touch. There’s always collaboration around the corner.


  6. Great blog and congrats on the new endeavor. I wish you the best and keep posting because i just found one of my new favorite blogs!

  7. An old voice from the blog-O-sphere: Michael Guy, here.

    Congrats on pushing the envelope and leaping to make change. NEVER settle! I did and have the sage knowledge to know that you are making a good move to make your dreams/goals a reality. Best of luck to you, Dan. You’ve come a long way, baby… 🙂

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