I’ve been tagged by Matt. Luckily this is a rather short one!

I’m it.

Now I’m tagging Michael Guy, Chad Fox, and Rotten Ryan.

How long we have been with our partner/significant other/boy/girlfriend?

Too long.

How we met?

Mutual friends.

What we like to do together?

Talk to ourselves.

If we are single, what life with our ideal spouse/partner would look like?

Summers in the Hamptons, vacations in Mykonos, a condo in Monaco, a house on the hill in Laguna Beach, and an apartment on the Upper West Side.

No, really – just a nice guy who turns me on and I feel comfortable with. They’d have to be self-sufficient. Have their own interests. Not too clingy – they lead their own life, too. A home with a small lawn and garden. Maybe a dog. Oh, and a neighbor who’s a little leary of the boys across the street.

One thought on “meme meme meme

  1. Oh, that sounds so ideal. I’d only take the cautious neighbor if she was slightly frumpy and loveable and suprised us with fresh pies, though. Otherwise, I’d ditch her.

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